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7 wineries suitable for tours with children

7 wineries suitable for tours with children

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7 wineries suitable for a wine tour with children

Nowadays it is a challenge to travel with children, especially if you are a wine lover looking to enjoy the pleasure of getting to know the wines of a winery without boring your children. And that is sure to happen if you don’t find them something to do. Some wineries have the little ones in mind, while others naturally appeal to family travellers.


We created this selection of wineries with hotels based on our experience, as we have personally visited them with our children.

Ува Нестум
винен тур с деца

The only winery in the Mesta river valley as well as one of only a few in Bulgaria which really give the littlest tourists what they deserve. 

In the hotel part of the winery, there is a children’s area with equipment, providing fun and safe games. The complex’s park offers opportunities for refreshing walks, complete relaxation and games in nature.

The wine complex also has a farm and garden where they grow the fruits and vegetables that they turn into wonderful dishes, and in the zoo they look after a variety of animals that bring a smile to the children’s faces.

In addition to confidence in the food you serve your children, visiting the farm also instills a love and respect for labour and the environment.

For sports enthusiasts, Uva Nestum Wine&Spa complex offers 2 tennis courts while the area abounds with cultural and historical sites where we can take our curious children.

All this can take place while enjoying the wines of the winery, but of course, you shouldn’t leave the little ones unattended either.

Here is our offer to a weekend at UVA NESTUM Wine&Spa

Weekend “Wine Aroma” for two in Uva Nestum Wine & SPA near Gotze Delchev

Make sure to ask us about suitable accommodation for you and your children.

винен тур с деца
винен тур с деца

In the same region but closer to the town of Sandanski you will find hotel Villa Sintica and Sintica winery which treasures the history of the old Complex experimental station – Sandanski.

Here, too, we can indulge in wine by visiting the wine cellar, and as a reward, the children get a refreshing walk in the hotel’s park and fun games in the indoor or outdoor children’s corner.

The ancient city of Heraclea Sintica is only a few kilometres away and can be included in the list of places to visit as a family. The area of Sandanski offers an array of interesting activities that can make your wine holiday even more fun: horse riding, rafting on the Struma River, visiting the site of Rupite, etc.

Chukara Wine and Spa Hotel

Chukara Wine and Spa Hotel and Chukara Wine Cellar are located in the town of Tryavna, nestled in the foothills of the Balkans. An area with a rich history and preserved traditions in which the different generations can get to know each other during their stay.

The complex has luxurious rooms and apartments in a modern and elegant style, two restaurants, a spa centre, a zoo, children’s playgrounds, a wine cellar and its own vegetable garden.

In the Chukara restaurant everyone can enjoy delicious salads, barbecue, homemade bread and stone baked pizzas, while in the Osel restaurant you can get to know the modern interpretation of traditional Bulgarian cuisine.

Spa and relaxation lovers will fall in love with the facilities in this place and couples with children will definitely be able to relax. The two children areas – one in the restaurant and one outdoors, will diversify the little ones’ stay and visiting the zoo will be a real adventure for them.

Златен рожен
роженски манастир

From the Northeast part of Bulgaria we move swiftly onto the Southwest, in an equally interesting and attractive area for kids and adults. Zlaten Rozhen Winery and their hotel, which is located in the village of the same name and near the Rozhen Monastery, recently published an article about the hidden eco-trails in the region of Melnik. The grown-ups associate the region with Melnik wine, the youngsters recognise it as the smallest town in Bulgaria but this region is far more inspiring with its nature and wealth of churches, monasteries, authentic medieval houses and of course the Melnik pyramids.

The eco-trails accessible to kids and adults (exercise with caution in certain places) can take you to these beautiful places and they are the reason why we included the winery in this list. After the hikes you can stay there, enjoy the delicious food, relax with a glass of wine in hand, while the tired children are already asleep in the rooms.

Don’t forget to visit their impressive wine cellar with a tasting hall located 15 km from the hotel, in the village of Kapatovo. The children will have already had their dose of adventure and fatigue, and (hopefully) will leave you to taste in peace.

In 2021, the new Vintage Car Museum opened to the public with exceptional cars from different eras impressing and exciting auto enthusiasts of all ages. 

Our offer for a  Wine vacation in Zlaten Rozhen Family Hotel and wine tasting for two

Make sure to ask us about suitable accommodation for you and your children.

винен тур с деца

The wine cellar is located in the village of Ustina, Plovdiv region and is among the well-known locations for wine tourism in the region. Since 2019 the cellar has a hotel and guest houses with the apartments on the first floor being spacious and affordable for large families.

The wine tour in the cellar and the subsequent tasting will bore the children but they will surely be more patient if they know that they have a walk to the Ustina Waterfall and a picnic in nature.

The village of Ustina is also an attractive place for those who enjoy sports and easy family hikes. The eco trail located just above the village in the mountains is accessible for children, with designated rest areas, a picnic gazebo, a beautiful small waterfall and St. George’s Chapel at the top.

The farm to the cellar is also a fun place for the kids, but for sanitary reasons, access for tourists is currently limited. The Boer goat breed is bred there whose delicate meat you can taste in the restaurant. In the farm there are also exotic animals such as alpacas, emus, peacocks, deer, wild ducks, decorative pheasants, various types of chickens and turkeys. The zoo is located about 5 km from the cellar and on the way there you can also visit the park-vineyard and enjoy the breath-taking view of the Rhodope Mountains and even the Plovdiv hills in the distance.


Here is our offer for a wine tasting to which you can add accommodation:

Wine & Farm products for two – wine tasting in Villa Yustina

винен тур с деца
винен тур с деца

Zaara Estate is located in the village of Glavan, in South Sakar, an area rich in historical sights and, of course, many wine cellars. The hotel is small, cosy and sophisticated at the same time, with spa facilities (indoor pool, hot tub, sauna, steam bath and salt room) and a restaurant where farm products of their own production are the focus. Interesting sights in the vicinity include the Alexander tomb, the Uzundzhov church and the Medieval fortress and Thracian tomb near the village of Mezek.

Our offers:

Wine weekend in Zaara Estate for two

Wine relax for two at Zaara Estate

Wine tour in the region of Sakar for two

Make sure to ask us about suitable accommodation for you and your children.

Although it sounds strange to put “alcohol” and “children” in the same sentence, wine can have a strong educational effect even in the early childhood stage. It fosters a love towards manual agricultural labour, a passion for the profession, respect for the livelihood of so many Bulgarians, an introduction to history and the region, and last but not least, we rediscover the beautiful nature together and create shared memories!

Bulgarian wine, consume in moderation and plan your next wine tour.

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