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fasting and wine

In the Kitchen: Fasting and wine (part 1)

In the Kitchen: Fasting and wine (part 1)

fasting and wine

Like many of you at home recently I’ve found cooking to be a wonderful way to get away from the stress of the unknown.

A very early on disclaimer: I’m a novice cook. I get excited over my little discoveries and achievements in the kitchen but more so than ever we need to appreciate the little things in life as clichéd as it may sound.

В момента спазвам Великденските пости, затова предложенията ми са не само без месо, но и без мляко и яйца.

Ако след това изречение, все пак някой е останал да дочете статията ми, то заповядайте на моята витруална трапеза.

Vegan curry with “Bordeaux blend” from Sakar

I love curry as well as sweet and spicy dishes. The recipe is easy while the taste is rich and diverse. This curry has all sorts of vegetables and legumes. What balances it out with a slight sweetness is the sweet potato. Just in case though I added the banana instead of avocado like therecipe suggests.

The wine I have on hand and which goes so well with this curry is a special reserve by Villa Bassarea. A 2016 harvest, blend of Merlot, Cabernet Sauvignon and Cabernet Franc. The label may surprise you, it is not well known on the market. The label may surprise you, it is not well known on the market. This wine is chosen by the big German tour operator “DER Touristik” to represent Bulgaria as a tourist destination with one of our biggest blessings – wine. Image 2016 has aged for 18 months in French and Bulgarian barrels. It has an outstanding balance (I’ve sampled it before, I think it’s in its peak now), a juicy firm body and a rich fruity and spicy taste.

Just as in the dish the sweetness and spiciness are excellently balanced, in the wine the ripe fruit (sweetness) and the tannin structure are in perfect harmony. Two equal and complementary partners in this endeavor.

The wine can be purchased from sakarwine.com

Tuna Salad with Rose from Pamid

The variety Pamid is highly underrated. Perhaps due to the inability to make thick strong wines, which are heavily sought after in Bulgaria. But the tendencies showing increasing demand for rosé and lighter, fresher reds could position it differently among wine lovers and producers. Here we have a wonderful rosé from Villa Bassarea. This is the first time the winery based in Harmanli makes a rosé of this variety.

The wine is dry, light-bodied with a well-defined playful freshness and mineral medium finish. Ideally paired with salads and fish or a combination of both. It could “take on” a more fatty fish in the salad such as salmon.

P.S Yes the Easter fasting allows only 2-3 consumptions of fish for the entire period. I don’t follow the strict days for that though.

The wine can be purchased from sakarwine.com

Mushroom soup and Melnishki Cépage

Possibly the only region in Bulgaria which has earned itself recognition for the style of its wines is Melnik. I have heard professionals and wine lovers alike use the phrase “it smells like Melnik” when describing wine and never about any other region. What is hidden behind this aroma in details?

Perhaps earthy tones: “wild” aromas, woodland path, a mild spiciness and savoury notes. Perhaps that’s the “aroma of Melnik”. These exact notes are traceable in the Melnishki Cépage by Zlaten Rozhen, which brings the traditional style while the taste has a modern touch to it – succulent, smooth, and with excellent balance and softness on the tannins. That is why I chose to pair it with something light, yet rich in taste and aromas – mushroom soup. It is made up of: stewed onions, leeks, carrots, red bell pepper, mushrooms, dried porcini mushrooms (very important ingredient) and potatoes.
Try and you’ll debunk the myth that Melnik wine only pairs well with steak.

Виното може да се поръчатук.

I publish all the pairings on myInstagram profile.

I hope you share your successful pairings and recipes in the comments below.

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