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Aya Estate Vineyards

0 review(s)
Aya Estate Vineyards is the newest wine treasure in the region of Melnik and the first project of its kind in Bulgaria which can ...

Wine Cellar Kiossev

0 review(s)
Boutique wine cellar Kiossev is located in the village of Ilindentsi, at the foot of the Pirin mountain, a land where wine making and ...

DeVina Vineyards & Wine

0 review(s)
“DeVina – Vineyards & Wine” was established in 2016 by two Varnafamilies. The inspiration behind this was the ...

Vrachanska Temenuga

0 review(s)
“Vrachanska Temenuga” is a modern family winery with the capacity to process 100 tons of grapes per year. The winery is ...


0 review(s)
Dzhinvira Winery is a small family winery located centrally in the village of Brestovitsa. Its history begins just before the halfvay ...


0 review(s)
Tipchenitza Winery is located in the picturesque village of Tipchenitsa in the hilly Northwest of Bulgaria. The boutique winery is ...

Mihovi Estate

0 review(s)
Mihovi is a family winery located in the birthplace of the Mihovi family and the legendary variety Keratsuda – Ilindentsi ...

Varna Winery

0 review(s)
Varna winery is a joint project of Grigor Grigorov – a viticulturist and investor and technologist and Tsanko Stanchev – ...

Villa Bassarea

0 review(s)
Villa Bassarea is a small wine cellar near Harmanli. Its total capacity is 70 tons of wine. Terroir The vineyards are located on the ...


0 review(s)
Orbelus is the idea come-to-life of two families and it demonstrates their vision of the wine potential in the region of lower Struma ...


0 review(s)
Orbelia Winery is located at the foot of Belasitsa mountain next to the village of Kolarovo, 12 km away of the town of Petrich. Orbelia ...

Medi Valley

0 review(s)
Medi Valley is a classic wine complex built in 2007. It is located in the village of Smochevo in the foothills of southwestern Rila, at ...

DiVes Winery

0 review(s)
Located on Simeonova Mogila near the Black Sea coast winery DiVes combines history and winemaking. The hill Simeonova Mogila is linked ...

Chateau Kolarovo

0 review(s)
Wine cellar Kolarovo is established in 2009 in the village of the same name which also gives its name to the famous Kolarovski vineyard ...


0 review(s)
Wine Cellar Neragora is located in the village of Chernogorovo near Pazardzhik and is named after the village but because of the ...

Malkata Zvezda

0 review(s)
Malkata Zvezda Wine Cellar was founded in 2005 by Dr. Stefan Angelov and partners at a place called “Malkata Zvezda” (The ...


0 review(s)
The philosophy of the winery is to offer wine tasting like a tourist attraction and to produce ecologically clean wine using a ...


0 review(s)
In 1922 in Pomorie one of the prominent families in the industry, the Boychevs, created vineyards and opened a small wine cellar, ...

Dragomir Winery Estate

0 review(s)
The creation of Dragomir Wine Estate was dictated by the dream of two Bulgarian oenologists – Nataliya Gadjeva and Konstantin ...

Katarzyna Estate

0 review(s)
Katarzyna Estate was created on the former border area separating Bulgaria from Greece, in the south-eastern part of the country, in ...


0 review(s)
AHINORA is a family wine cellar, which began operating in 2008 by planting its own vineyards in the area near Leskovski peak, near the ...

Dragoshinov Winery

0 review(s)
In the foothills of Stara Planina, just 15 km from Veliko Turnovo, where the northern starting point of the Pass of the Republic is, ...


0 review(s)
Wine cellar Agrofitness is located in the village of Borovtsi between Montana and Berkovitsa. The cellar is the work of Todor ...

Chateau Avli

0 review(s)
Chateau Avli is located in the village of Glushnik, Sliven region and their debut series is named after the village of that name ...


0 review(s)
Bogdaya Vineyard Estate is a new family winery that founds its home and land for its vineyards in the village of Smochevo located at ...

Zagreus winery

0 review(s)
Winery Zagreus specializes in producing red wines from the varieties Mavrud, Cabernet Sauvignon, Syrah and Merlot. The winery and their ...

Boshnakoff winery

0 review(s)
Chateau Boshnakoff is located in the village of Ezerovo, 10 km west of the city of Varna on the northern shore of Lake Varna. The ...

Todor Oprev

0 review(s)
Wine cellar Oprev, established in 2006, is located 36 km from the town of Silistra on the land of the Dobrudja village of Dobrotitsa. ...

Villa Velis

0 review(s)
Velis Vineyards is a unique Bulgarian-German wine project, born out of love for wine, nature and art. The story begins in 2010, when ...


0 review(s) ,
In the warmest Bulgarian south region, among the hills and the Aegean wind, blowing through the “sacred” triangle of the ...

Stratsin winery

0 review(s) ,
Stratsin winery is situated in Stratsin village, Pomorie district. The wine cellar was founded in 2015 and it is very modern equiped. ...

Villa Melnik

0 review(s)
The owner, Nikola Zikatanov, was born in the village across from the winery, Kapatovo, in a family with longstanding traditions in vine ...